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What's the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium.

"Being "psychic" means you can obtain information intuitively about a living person and you can read their energy. Alternatively, "psychic mediums" are also able to read energy but generally focus their readings on obtaining information by communicating with spirits. All psychic mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

​Is there a difference in quality between your phone/Skype sessions and in person readings?

No. My work is based around the 'non-physical', thus, regardless if a person who I am reading is seated in front of me, or on the other side of the world, I am still able to tune into them & do my job with equal effectiveness.

What exactly do you experience when you are conducting a reading?

"I am able to successfully receive information psychically about a person or from those who have passed on into Spirit such as a person’s deceased loved one. When I conduct a reading, I usually see the energy of their loved ones appear next to them or myself. I’m able to receive messages in various ways. Spirit communicates with me by sense of sight, sound, feeling, taste, and smell. These are what I call my ‘psychic filters’."

How and when did you first realize you had this gift?

"This is the most often asked question & I wrote about it on my blog-site. You can view it here. It wasn't until I was 11 years old that I realized that a lot of my childhood included psychic experiences. My own personal loss led me to want to develop these abilities more. Thanks to a supportive family & encouraging teachers, I was able to develop at faster pace at a younger age than most."

Can you predict the future and tell me about my love life?

"I get asked this all the time. Every medium is psychic. So by definition, I am able to 'see' things that have to do with you and your life. The word psychic is in the name, psychic medium. Being psychic basically means I can read the living & help them by tuning into & addressing intimate aspects of their life. Being a medium means I can tap into the Spirit World. I tend to focus my work on the medium aspect of my talents because I believe in the closure it gives. Often, I depend on the Other Side to give insights to future events that concern my clients. Remember, a psychic can tell you of things to come, but ultimately what you do is up to you. It's your're in charge. I'm here to help, not live your life for you. I'm here to help you learn, not to take the test for you."

Do I always need a psychic medium to connect with a deceased loved one?

"Absolutely not.
If there's one thing I want to get across with this work is that everybody, to some degree, has the potential to connect with those who have crossed over. The emotional connection we share with each other cannot be destroyed by physical death. With understanding & faith, I believe you too can personally experience from within yourself learn that love never dies."

When a woman has a miscarriage... does that soul exist even though it didn't make it thru birth?

"One of my earliest experiences came when I was only four years old. As an only child I had a group of imaginary friends whom I referred to as 'my brothers'. I always remembered having 5 of them. One day, my mom heard me speaking to "them" & asked, "Who are you talking to?" So I replied, "With my 5 brothers". That was the day I learned, my mother had miscarried 5 times before I was born. Four of them reached the third trimester. I hope this answered your question."

Why do children die ... if they can never experience all of what life has to offer?

"I refer to the souls of deceased children as 'old souls'. They live only short life spans to have an effect on those who care for the child. Usually to teach a life lesson that the parents can learn from that only a loss of child can teach them. Remember, we only grow & evolve by overcoming the toughest of times in our lives. Learning to cope with loss is a lesson we all encounter at some point. The loss of a child, however, is probably the hardest loss of all. I believe children who are here for a short time can teach us more than we could ever teach them."

How do you deal with the skeptics out there?

"I AM MY BIGGEST SKEPTIC, so I deal with one all day long. I was never gullible as a child & hated deception artists. I encourage you to be skeptical about this area of work, but always balance this work with an open mind. To the hardcore skeptics out there, I thank you for so much attention and appreciate that you exist so people can be objective."

Does prayer help connecting with my loved ones?

"I believe, prayer is like music to their ears. I believe it increases a Spirit’s energy vibrations, thus enhancing their lives wherever they are. I believe in the power of prayer. This ritual shows those in Spirit that you are acknowledging the existence of a higher power & are opening yourself up to that higher source."

Have you ever tried to win the lottery?

"Working at a supermarket throughout my young adult life gave me plenty of chances to play the scratch offs. There's a certain level of responsibility in doing what I do and this isn't what this work is for. I won't gamble anymore because I just frustrate myself."

Do you connect with your own family who have passed on?

"Yes I can and often do. Mostly it's through dreams & not in the same way I connect with other people's loved ones. I know too much about my own family that sometimes the objective part of me will cause me not to accept what I receiving. Within the past several years I have made connections with family members I never got to meet in life. Those connections I hold close to my heart."

What is the difference between a regular dream and a visit from your loved one?

"A visit from your loved ones is what I coined as a Vivid Dream. The dream is so real and includes a loved one or someone who has passed & the detail is well...very vivid. When you wake up you can recall every detail it's quite remarkable. If you experience such a profound experience I advise you to document it as you were just given a gift!"

What do you say to someone who is eager to open themselves up and attempt to tap into this subject matter themselves?

"First I would say, be patient. Then think about what you're really hoping to learn. My suggestion is to first read about the subject matter as much as possible. Then if you're still eager, practice opening yourself up through breathing techniques & meditation to better clear your state of mind. The most important piece of advice is to make sure to document everything you experience for later evaluation of your progress & again, always be patient with yourself."

My niece has been coming out with information about my families past that she should not be knowing at only 7 years old. My brother says it's just her imagination and coincidence, but she really hits it on the head and makes we want to explore it, what should I do?

"First, don't make her seem like she's unique or different. Approach her very calming and personable and if you do find that what she is saying is very specific, there is no doubt that she may be shifting herself to the hereafter. Kid's have not been told that this shouldn't be. They are still very much opened, it's us; society who conditions us to ignore what we can't explain."

I lost my golden retriever to cancer. Do dogs & pets live in the afterlife?

"Of course dogs live in the afterlife. Everything that is living has a soul and just like all souls, it cannot be destroyed. Thus, when a soul sheds its Earthly form, it returns to the spirit world. Everything is energy, thus nothing ever dies, it simply changes form. Yes, even the energy make up of insects & bugs do live on forever as well. lol."



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