Dubbed the 'Next Generation Of Spirit Communication', renowned psychic medium Christopher Allan is ushering in a new era of spiritual enlightenment with his ability to talk to those who have passed away & have transitioned to the afterlife. His unique charm & devotion have touched the hearts of countless individuals who have suffered loss. 
      Nominated 'Best Psychic' by the Long Island Press, Christopher's unique gift was nationally featured on MTV True Life "I Have Paranormal Ability" and the Maury Povich Show. As former host of his own radio show on New York's
Party 105, he is currently evolving from the airwaves to streaming media with his new show "Keeping The Spirits ALIVE!" -a groundbreaking interactive show on Facebook Live that puts him in front of a live studio audience. As the recipient of the "Giver Of Hope" award by the American Cancer Society, Christopher Allan conducts his readings with integrity, compassion, and humility. He has hosted several shows on USTREAM, helping people unlock their own psychic potential. In 2016 he received congressional recognition for his numerous charitable services.

      As an infant, Christopher was adopted from Bogota, Colombia. He believes his abilities are genetically passed down from his birth family. Yet, it is his actual adopted family he accredits in helping him nurture, develop, and share his gift with the world.

     Christopher Allan is able to give clear & specific validations from the spirit world which has made him a premiere must-see medium. At his live events, his humor & quick wit not only entertains but helps demystify this somewhat controversial work to help people understand that their loved ones are more accessible than they think, even to those who aren't naturally gifted as Christopher is.  

     Communicating with deceased loved one's isn't Christopher's only talent. He is an accomplished singer/songwriter. Christopher channels healing & inspiration through his musical gifts. He believes his passion for both music & mediumship are interconnected to help heal people on many levels. 

      Christopher Allan has gained the respect of support groups (Compassionate Friends, COPE Foundation), charities (Make A Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House), and organizations alike, giving people insight into the world beyond. His annual Making Spirits Bright Toy Drive brings in thousands of dollars worth of new toys and allows him to donate them to several children's hospitals each year.

     The closure Christopher Allan is able to give someone is remarkable. Being able to give people a sense of peace & move forward is the focus of his work. His events often have a charitable cause attached. Formally of Lindenhurst, his new office is conveniently located in Hauppauge, NY.

"I often wondered why people ever used wrapping paper."

"I often wondered why people ever used wrapping paper."

"I often wondered why people ever used wrapping paper."

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