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Turning skeptics into believers, here is a compilation of testimonials from clients of Christopher Allan. If you had a reading and would like to share your experience, click here to write a testimonial of your own!

"My son died in 1980 at the young age of 30. Everyday feels like the first. Christopher Allan was able to share his precious gift which made it feel like our child was in the very same room with us. A mother's love is forever, Christopher Allan showed me that a son's love is no different."

Janice C.,  Smithtown, NY

"I would love to tell you that my husband felt like he had a weight lifted off his shoulders after our reading.  He really needed to hear just what you told him about his father & their history.  You are so on the mark and you are a really talented and wonderful soul"

Sue Grimaldi, Farmingdale, NY

"Thank you so very much for the opportunity to connect with my little princess, Kelly and my mother. My mom passed when I was only 17, but is forever sending me inspirations to help me through life. What you do to help people is truly a gift & we were truly blessed to have met you."

Cathy Kramer

"To have somebody tell you that the mother you  never knew in life is still a part of it now is something that I will cherish every waking minute of my lfie. Christopher Allan projects himself compassionately and has a bright future."

Tamara, Centereach, Long Island

"Christopher Allan is a person committed to using his gifts to help others. Spirit communication essentially is like learning a second language. Having seen Christopher work numerous times, it is clear that he is fluent in this language. Time and again he is able to deliver information from the spirit world with pinpoint accuracy. His psychic 'batting average' is extremely high; the highest I have ever experienced."

Matthew Blaine, Founder & Director, Crosstown Media Television Productions

"I had a reading with Christopher and it was my first time ever seeing a medium. I wasn't skeptical because I heard through a friend how good he was.  During our reading, Christopher was telling my group things only they would have known of and he was right on target with everything he said.  I was speechless. I feel honored to have met him.

Lisa Marie M., Lindenhurst New York

"Christopher Allan exceeded my expectations in ever imaginable way. He was able to relieve guilt that I have been holding onto for almost 5 years with my father's passing. He was on point with so many family members that have crossed over as well. He actually said my dad's name & told me about his death. He is very charming, caring, and amazingly sensitive. A fan for life."

Marie, Holtsville, NY

"When my mother passed away several years ago, I had a huge burden of guilt because I never got to say goodbye. After my experience with Christopher Allan, my burden was instantly lifted.  Christopher proved to me that there is no need to say "goodbye". I NOW know that my mother is always with me and only a whisper away."

Deborah W., Lindenhurst NY

"From the moment Christopher Allan started to speak about my father, he had the whole room laughing.  That's when I knew my Dad was alright and had come to tell everyone he is in a better place."

Keith V., Merrick NY

"He is simply, all the proof you need."

Sandra Foreman


"Christopher Allan lessened my fear of dying due to his warm & compassionate nature that he had while delivering messages from my brothers. I know I will live a long life, but when my day comes, I am no longer fearful. Christopher Allan made it clear that my jovial brothers will be waiting for me."

Robert H., NY

"My first reading with Christopher Allan was what I would call a miracle or a blessing.  I connected with my mom who had just passed.  She had dementia so she couldn't communicate months before she passed.  Everything I knew & felt was confirmed for me.  I was such a mess, but after our reading I was so relieved to know all was well. Most importantly, she knew I needed her & answered me.  The second reading was with friends & again he so connected & helped them too.  christopher allan has a special gift & is a very sepcial person.  All I can say is "thank you" for sharing."

Anita K, East Meadow NY


"First off, i would like to thank you for a wonderful reading this week. It meant a whole lot to me that my son is okay and not troubled. I talk to him and pray to him constantly, and I do mean constantly. Thank you so much!"
Gina, Catskills, New York

"Skeptics can say all they want, but how does one "guess" that my brother died in Vermont while in town, shopping for our parents anniversary.  That was exactly what Christopher said during an evening with my family-- all of which is true."

Glen Height, NY

"I really believe Chris knows what he is doing, i hada great session with him he was right about everything he said it was totally a mind blowing experience to say the least!"

Jillian Mager

"I cannot put in words how Christopher made me feel when I returned home from my session. He nailed it right on the head when he said that my husband collasped in the stairway of our new home.  We had just moved in days before.  His death has been such a burden. But Christopher let me know that though he has passed on, he is still very much aware of what is going on and is still able to enjoy our home with me and my kids.  Christopher Allan lifted my burden."
Jennifer Wilconne

"I went to Christopher Allan with a very heavy heart and came out with a feeling of peace that cannot really be properly explained. Knowing your loved ones are happy & wathcing over us is truly comforting. Christopher Allan is extremely gifted & compassionate. I will forever remember the experience."

Kate P. Long Island NY

"Skeptics can say all they want, but how does one "guess" that my brother died in Vermont while in town, shopping for our parents anniversary.  That was exactly what Christopher said during an evening with my family-- all of which is true."

Glen Height, NY

"I had the EXTREME pleasure being read by Christopher Allan. I just wanted you to know how fortunate I feel coming away from being read by you. I lost my beloved Dad suddenly in October of 1998, and, you touched on some very sensitive topics, some which no one other than I know of, and, you were just so spot on with your messages from my Dad to me. Your messages comforted me and made me realize that DAD and I are still connected even though he is not physically here. You also gave me and my friends some laughs with your humor in the are wonderful!!!
Christopher is very talented, and I wish him continued success as helps heal & show all of us that just because we lose our loved ones physically, here on Earth, their death is not the end of our connection."

Jennifer, New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY

"I sat with Chris for a reading on Dec15th and within seconds we were talking about my dad and older
brother who had passed within a year of each other. The reading I had with him was remarkable.. not just because of the contacts that he made, but because of his compassion. I have been to other mediums and no other session left me feeling so complete and lifted. He is just one amazing young man. And his band is wonderful he has a beautiful voice."

Barbera J., Mineola, NY

"I would like to say WOW!!  Chris you were right on the money on everything.  You finally brought closure for me on both my dad and grandma.  Thank you somuch, I have spread the word and have told everyonehow great you really are.  I would like to say youhave such a great "personable" approach that made me feel comfortable and able to open up.  Thanks again."

Matt U., Holbrook, NY


"Our session with Christopher Allan provided us witha bridge to our beloved departed families.  He iswell on his way to becoming one of the great psychicmediums of our time and we believe that he will continue his work with humility and integrity andhelp us to remember that we are merely spirits having a "human experience.

Susan & Jeff Harvey, Naples, Florida

"Seven years have gone since my son passed away, Christopher not only snapped me out of the way I used to grieve, but now help[ed] me continue grieving in a more focused and positive way. What a wonderful gift."

LeAnne McCormick

"You are able to sleep better at night knowing that Christopher Allan told you that your children are being taken care of on the Other Side."

Mary Spicolli

"I had a reading with Christopher and even though the person I really wanted to hear from didn't come through, other family members that have died, did. After telling my cousin about my reading, his mind went from being a non-believer to wanting to join me the next time I want a reading from Christopher Allan. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Linda E.

"If you walk out a non-believer after you witness "first-hand" this young man's talent, obviously you must have had a blindfold over your eyes and ear plugs in your ears. As a former skeptic, Christopher Allan has opened up a whole new chapter in my life---for the better! The way I grieve is much better after my experience with Christopher. Thank you."

Keith C., West Palm Beach, FL

"I'm glad I decided to give mediumship a try. I can't thank Christopher Allan enough for relaying so much insight and ultimately providing me with a newfound sense of assurance, confidence, and peace. Christopher's work is truly amazing. I hope it reaches many more people!"

Requef M., South Carolina 

"It was kind of a life altering experience meeting with Christopher Allan today. You cannot imagine how some of the burdens of my grief have been lifted. There aren't sufficient words to express my gratitude, and how much I wish I could just sit and talk with Christopher for endless hours."
Arielle S., Long Island, NY

​"I cannot put into words how amazing and life changing that experience was for me. You are such a sweet, genuinely nice/caring person with such an AMAZING gift! Everything I have been feeling my whole life was literally put into words right in front of my face, it took the breath out of me. I cannot THANK YOU enough for reassuring me that my passed mother is still by my side and looking over me. I am forever grateful for getting to meet you and experiencing your gift! You are such a wonderful person and hope for the best for you and your family! Love Jessica."
Jessica Guzman​​
"I was definitely 100 percent a skeptic and i was absolutely blown away. You were on point with everything you said about myself and my father. I'm writing you now cause I know I didn't say much when I left mainly cause I was speechless on what just occurred, but thank you again and thank you for allowing me to connect with my father again and thank you for the reading you gave my girlfriend not only did you blow her away but you also allowed her to start healing herself in many ways I couldn't help her with!"
Mike Saladino

"Christopher, I just wanted to thank you again for everything. Never did I imagine that one hour with you would be so life changing. You are a blessing! My husband and I are very grateful for the time you spent with us. God bless you and your family."
Adenna Santiago

"I cannot thank you enough for the reading we did last month. It was one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life! It really brought me closure! XOXO"
Samantha DeVictoria

"Christopher Allan was spot on with so many things. He mentioned a bunch of events that happened in Dad's life and things that only I could have known like details about huge parties we had for Dad before he passed and the letter I read at his wake. Dad is definitely present! I highly recommend going to Christopher Allan for a reading. I was thinking about doing a group reading next year."
Dennis Diaz


"My reading with Christopher Allan was the most healing & accurate I have ever had! I have had several great readings with well known mediums, but Christopher was on target with dates, names, and locations. There were some details I wasn't sure about but later revealed themselves. For example, he said that there was a Lisa, with concerns about chemical dependency. Then he gave locations Douglas, Georgia & Jacksonville, Florida and mentioned a birthday. Less than 2 weeks later, my cousin Lisa, passed away from drug toicity, & was having a birthday, living in Douglas Ga but passed away in Jacksonville Fl. This is just one amazing detail from my reading. I am grateful & amazed by how accurate & sensitve Christopher is. He has a gift like no other."
Melody Muller, Baton Rouge, La.
"I had a reading last year with Christopher Allan before moving to Seattle, Washington. Christopher was completely accurate in every detail from beginning to end. Even messages I did not understand at the time became clearer one I spoke with relatives. He was warm and kind. It was as if I had an amazing visit with my deceased mother and step father. I would highly recommend him & look forward to another reading when I am back in New York!
Jill G., Seattle, Washington

"My whole reading with Christopher Allan really did answer a lot of questions for me. I wanted to mention that he had brought up the numbers 1-4 regarding my father-in-law's home in Saratoga. Upon not knowing the answer at the time, I found out that my father-in-law lives at 14 Ellisa Ave... So I was really amazed by that because it's information I didn't even know. Thanks again."
Deirdre S.

"Still so blown away recounting the reading I had with Christopher Allan. Chris described my sisters house & that her upper deck was "unstable". Upon speaking to her, she told me their last inspection found that the railings were dangerously loose. she believes Chris saved someone's life. There were so many other specifics I can't begin to expand on! Chris is genuine, soft spoken, related to his own life which to me is so important. I cannot eplain this experience. Thank you so much."
Janice C.

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