There is no greater loss than that of the loss of a child. Christopher Allan understands the struggle and the grief a mother and a father go through when trying to find answers & get through such a terrible loss. Over the years, Christopher's most rewarding work comes from sitting down with parents of deceased children and having the chance to prove to them that their child is still connected and safe. 

If you are a bereaved mother or father and belong to a support group, Christopher Allan will grant a 20% discount per person for his private readings. This is to help out parents who are going through a difficult time and to promote professional counseling that teaches how to move through the grieving.

Many will take advantage of this offer, this is why we must validate your association with a support group that helps grieving parents and families of deceased children. If you arrive to your appointment with Christopher and bring a letter of affiliation, the discount will be honored. 

Links to Support Groups

If you would like to schedule a private reading for yourself or as a couple, simply call the office and be ready to supply proof of association with your support group and we will grant the discount.



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