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Christopher Allan - Next Wave Therapy For Grief & Loss

Angelina Cappiello Preferred Health Magazine


    Reassurance. Guidance. Closure. These are the things we are all searching for right now. More than ever so many have sought out alternative advice from psychics and mediums.


    “In an age where uncertainties are shattering the world we once knew, mediums are becoming the new effective counselors & psychologists of today.” says famed psychic medium, Christopher Allan, who can relay messages from loved ones who have passed on to the Great Beyond. “I joke that I find myself going from being John Edward to Dr. Phil in my sessions.” And people are resonating with his style of readings and the closure he gives. “Think of life on Earth,” Christopher explains, “As one big very vivid video game.” Elaborating the clever analogy from this millennial medium, he goes on to share, “Our goal is to make it through each level, yet, if we miss that jump, we simply restart until we get it right. If lucky, we make it through and advance to the next level.” Although, he adds, “No one soul is better than the other. Our actions in this virtual world will determine our life in the next world. 

     To a soul, Earth, is the hardest stage to get through, but the level that accelerates our growth the most.” Connecting with spirits when other children his age were playing video games, Allan recalled the first time his ability came to light in front of his family. At seven years old, Christopher was at a Christmas gathering at his Grandmother’s house and the phone rang. “Just as she went to answer, a voice inside me told me to blurt out ”Sal died, but he says hi!” Before his grandmother could answer, Christopher spoke the message aloud. Moments after the phone call, his grandmother Grace began crying, learning that her best friend, Sal, did indeed die the night before from a massive heart attack. Shocked, she stared baffled at her newly pintsized phophecizing grandson.

     It was apparent to his family that he had an extraordinary gift right then and there. But what would come of it? Keeping readings and messages reserved to his just select friends and family was short lived as Christopher reached his teens. As a native New Yorker, the events of September 11th moved him deeply and he felt compelled to share his gifts with his fellow classmates and their families. “I saw all this mourning around me,” Allan recalled. “In school, victims of the attack would appear to me, pleading to pass on messages to their children sitting next to me. With the help of my teachers, I was able to reach these families and aid them before graduating.” Soon word spread & Christopher began offering readings to many where he lives on Long Island, a part of New York all too familiar with mediumship.

     “Something just pushed me to make myself available to people outside my family before I went off to college,” he said. “I allowed myself to simply embrace this side of me. I trusted myself” However, you won’t find Christopher walking up to strangers on the streets like other famous LI mediums on television. Although a frequent guest on daytime TV as “resident medium” on The Maury Show, Allan prefers to share messages with people who give him permission first to tune in to their loved ones in Spirit. “I think it’s morally important not to seem like you are invading people’s intimate world of grief. But, everyday, be it a private reading with a client or on stage, I am stunned by the way Spirit validates their existence through me,” Allan says. “And this work also can teach us about how to live life. My message to the world is that this work is not about focusing on death and dying, but about celebrating life.” As science and technology advances, Allan fears we may be falling away from our spirituality. He advises re-prioritizing and reconnecting to the spiritual being within each of us. “We are all born connected to the spiritual world of energy. We’re here to shine our light on this world for the short time we are in it. It’s really about not about becoming spiritual, but remembering that we are and have always been spiritual.” He elaborates, “It’s all about remembering who we truly are. And not letting the hardships of physical life interfere with our connection to God, ourselves, and to the love that is always there.”

Angelina Cappiello Preferred Health Magazine

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