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"My work as a medium is something I take very serious.  I am passionate about this work and believe it is important to educate people about what I do.  The more a person or family understands how mediumship works--the more it will be to their benefit when they go for a reading." -Christopher Allan


      I stress, stress, stress, that you wait about a year after a person has been passed to seek myself (or any medium for that matter) before going ahead and scheduling a reading. This has nothing to do with those who have crossed over, but I am concerned with those still living.  People who have just lost someone close to them might not have experienced certain parts of grieving thus, may not be ready to sit down with a medium who cannot give all the answers they may be looking for.
     I ask you to make sure you are comfortable with the fact that I, nor any other medium, is ever in full control of who or what comes through. Mediumship can greatly help the grieving process, but it shouldn't be looked at as cure. You should schedule a reading when you know you can approach it with an open mind and without expectations.


      It is very important that you feel comfortable and relaxed during a reading. A way to calm your nerves is by making sure ahead of time that you understand how mediumship works. It's important to ask any questions you may have about how a medium conducts their work. If you talk to a medium prior to your reading, make sure you do not reveal any information you don't want them to know.  Mediums like myself do not like to know anything prior to our sitting like your family history or your own personal history. This is to negate the possibility of 'prior knowledge' influencing how we obtain the information we give.
     On my 'About' page I share with you my background and how I came to be a medium. The reason behind this is so you can become familiar with my upbringing & who I am as an individual.  It is very important that you learn about the medium before you first meet to see which one resonates the most with you. This work is all about trust.  This website has helped many families familiarize themselves with my work. Any questions you may have that are not answered on this site should be addressed prior to our appointment.


    Your experience will likely be an emotional one. You may think that bringing items such as jewelry or photos of your deceased loved ones may influence the likelihood of them coming through to a medium. The truth is that it won't. You, yourself are the line of communication that makes it possible for your loved ones to interact with a medium. Psychics may very well be able to obtain information psychically by focusing in on the energy that a tangible object gives off or a picture let's them see, but the actual spirit of a loved one comes through to a psychic medium thanks to the person they are attempting to read.  This work is a rewarding process for me to be a part of. Bringing a notebook is a great idea, but I wouldn't suggest bringing one if you are going alone. JYou may get caught up in the moment and may get distracted with writing & it will take away from the experience.  Arriving to your session with a handy digital recorder or smartphone is a great idea.  Some psychics don't allow this, but I do because I feel it's a great keepsake & I encourage it and I have nothing to hide. You'll be able to share your reading with others when you arrive back home or have it to look back on years later.  



    In the grand scheme of things, The Other Side only has a short window of opportunity to come through and make their presence known & pass on messages that are meant to help you & ease your grief. They will say what they feel is necessary to talk about. Some messages can be minute and trivial, but its those little nothings that can become the biggest validations in a reading.  They may also come and bring up future events. When they do this it's to validate not only are they aware of what's going on around you now, but can shed some light about what is to come in the near future. This is all in hopes to inform you that they will be with you throughout your personal journey through life.
      It's important to realize that in a group environment and even during a private session, a medium may not be able to connect with the person(s) you're looking to hear from. It doesn't mean that 'they' are not okay, or that they are upset with you. From years of doing this, the person who is supposed to hear from their loved ones always does. But Spirits talk to us when the timing is right.  Not to highlight one's grief over someone else's, but some need it more at certain times than others. I can assure you that if you listen to what is coming through, whether it's conveyed directly to you or not, you also can leave with a message. That message being; love and life go on forever and those you might have suspected are lost, aren't lost at all.  One day we will all be reunited. How you digest a message and apply that to your own state of grieving is up to you.


    You may find yourself having no emotional or direct connection with the information a psychic may give you.  A possibility could be that it pertains to someone you know and not yourself.  Spirit may see you as a way to get a message to their family. Thus, you become the conduit (the messenger) to deliver, just like I am to you, that healing message to their family. Again, some need to hear it more than you. And if you gather what's happening, hopefully you will walk away knowing that "Hey, if someone else's loved ones are okay, my own family are fine as well." This is again, insisting you come to your reading with no expectations and honor the process of mediumship.

     So now that we went over how to approach this work, what to ask, and how a reading can benefit you and those around you, I will now share how the process of spirit communication takes place.



     Think of the process of spirit communication as a 2nd language, one of symbols. Spirits can use my own life experiences & frame of reference to get me to deliver a message.  The success of your reading depends on the medium's own ability to interpret correctly all they are being given.  I experience many messages directly by feeling, sight, and sound. These senses are on a subconscious level. Most mediums are able to experience at least one of these. The job of a medium is also to listen to all they are receiving, interpret, and deliver them in a way that can help the sitter tremendously, thus telling a story that will resonate with the sitter & help them on a spiritual level.


     Many psychics, especially those with big egos, always tell their clients that if you don't understand what the medium is trying to tell you, its because you aren't thinking clear. Psychics are human & are allowed to misinterpret. I believe that Spirit's intentions are 100%, but the message might not be interpreted correctly. That's why sometimes I like to tell you just what it is I am seeing & sensing in order for you to understand what I am getting, if I'm unsure how to interpret a message to the best of my ability.


     I do not hold it back or refrain from sharing information even if it could be considered negative. Your loved ones will never come through to point fingers or to depress.  Remember, where they now reside in a place of nonjudgment.  Judgment is man made. Spirits say what "they need to tell you" and overall, I believe they show things that will give you a better understanding & can help you in difficult times.  Whatever I get, I deliver. If its bad, it's either to prevent it, to give a "heads up", or to give you peace of mind that there is a bigger plan at work.
     I always believe that what ever comes through, comes for a reason. Therefore it's necessary that I tell you all that is being shown.  Sometime negatives turn out to be positives in the long run.


     So this is a taste of how the information and the process takes place for myself and many other mediums. I've learned to sense Spirit at a very young age. However, I believe we are all receptive to Spirit, some more stronger than others.  As long as you keep an open mind, the possibilities are endless. With the help of meditation and prayer, the communication process will become easier. Even the most advanced and experienced medium is still learning everyday. I hope that with this understanding, you can still remain skeptical, but open your awareness to as well. The reading I may give can be great, but what you make of the reading and how you take apply it to your life is up to you.  With everything I write, I try to alleviate the fear & stigmas usually associated with this work.  I hope you have found this beneficial & best of luck to you. I hope you feel better prepared and have a wonderful reading. Christopher Allan.

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