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1. The Energy Never Dies By The Script

Key Of G Maj

Simple Overview:
Live Performance Video Above Shows Extended Intro Introducing Each Instrument To Get The Crowd Going
Intro & Verses:           G  C(C) G  Em C(C) G

Chorus & Bridge:       Em   C    G   Am (b)

Link To Bass Tabs/Chords

Link To Guitar Tabs

2. Adventure Of A Lifetime By Coldplay

Key Of C Maj

Simple Overview:
Bootyshaker feel good song about the magic of life. Bridge will be extended to feature Sax solo

Link To Bass Tabs/Chords
Bass Instructional Video Below:

Link To Guitar Tabs

3. Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band

Simple Overview: High Energy Song about a girl battling depression/suicide. Really showcases the true talent and chops of any band. 

Intro & Verses:      B   G A F# G A F#

Chorus:                 Bm  A  D G

Link To Bass Tabs/Chords

Link To Guitar Tabs

4. See You Again by Carrie Underwood

Simple Overview: Countryrock top 10 hit with truly powerful lyrics and hooks. 

Transpose to Key of Gb/F# from Original being in Ab 

Tranposed Chords: coming this week





5. A Beautiful Life by Mikeschair

Key Of D Maj

Simple Overview: Anthemic song with a powerful message. 

Verses:             Bm  G    D  A

Pre Chorus:     Em  B   A  B A G

Chorus:            D   A   Bm  G

Guitar & Bass Tab In Realtime Along With Song Click Here

6. Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas

Simple Overview: Live Version has a simpler bridge he talks over to. Bass guitar needs to be groovy.

Guitar Tabs Click Here

Second Version of Tabs Click Here

7. Dare You To Move by Switchfoot

Key Of E Maj

Simple Overview: Live Version Above has extended outro & simpler chord arrangement. Looking to recreate this. Bridge of song will be Fix You's bridge by Coldplay. Below is Fix You & Album Version of Dare You To Move.

Guitar Tabs Click Here

Bass Tabs Click Here

Bridge: Fix You by Coldplay:

Chords: E  A  E  B  /  C#  A   E  B

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